Tank Replacement

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Tank Replacement

Tank Replacement  | Western Water Well - Conroe, TX

There are few things worse than suffering through a sleepless night or a long day on the job, then going to take a relaxing shower to ease your aching muscles and suddenly you have no water. We’ve all had that experience somewhere, but hopefully it was at summer camp or while traveling for work, and not in our own homes.

When you start to have a problem with your water well tank at home, it may be time for a tank replacement. Western Water Well can help. We can come out and diagnose the situation. It’s likely if your tank is more than 10 years old or it’s leaking, it will need to be replaced. We can perform your tank replacement more affordably than anyone else in the area, and usually have it the job done quickly. If we diagnose a less serious problem, we can also fix any leaks between your tank and your home, saving you the money of a replacement.

Western Water Well offers 100% corrosion free fiber-wound pressure tanks. Our fiber-wound tanks won’t develop the same rust problems as galvanized pressure tanks, so you won’t have to worry about them for years. We also sell holding tanks, that are made of polybutylene, which means they are constructed of a thick black plastic, 100% sealed off, that will last for a lifetime. These tanks come in a variety of sizes; most common is 305 and 500 gallon sized tanks.

If your water is starting to taste a little “off” or you’re noticing some discoloration, an expert from Western Water Well can also talk to you about our tank cleaning options to remove any contaminants like mildew and scum from your concrete holding tanks, so your drinking water remains pure and safe.

Call Western Water Well at (936) 231-2788 today to talk about whether a tank replacement could solve your water problems and save you money.

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